Ways to handle Quantity

I have a busy “Package Beer” Menu where I have split the beers into 3 types using sub-menus tags. The Operator asked if they could have all beers on 1 menu :confounded:

Here are the 3 screens:

So If I loose the Number Keypad EXCEPT the Editor Line - I loose the ability for Quick Quantity i.e. press [4] and then Menu Item.

NOTE: I am trying to size all screens to a 12" inch tablet as shown in these images.

Other than using automation and [?prompt] are there any other ideas that may help?

Small keypad? Puts 1-5 across the top instead of full keypad at bottom.
Also you can change the % height of the keypad although buttons obviously start getting small.

You could make custom keypad with just two lines 0-4 and 5-9 and set a much lower height %.

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Hey JTR - how you doing, good I hope have not spoke in a while!

So you suggesting [:Prompt] automation or is there options in MenuItems for custom keyboard (think there is…)?


have a look at rickh origional retail setup before he switched to custom menu item buttons where he was using virtually full screen keyboard.

not sure why that didnt seem to upload…

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Yep just found that - great. Looking at Ricks setup again, gees that must of took some work! Makes the screen look like its 50" wide…

Its a 21inch touchscreen haha but looked ok on my 15 mch laptop lol

And yea took me ages and isnt so simple to make quick changes so i now use custom product buttons for a fully customised pos screen. The idea is ill have all payment buttons and other function buttons at the bottom with a customised keypad, and above it is all the most popular items (im doing a bar setup) then for anything else theres a bar menu button that takes you to a screen with all the categories and products to select anything not on the main “quick screen” i also dont use the settle screen at all :smile:


For just a minimal numberpad to make more space it wouldnt be to bad @pauln :wink:

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I just wanted to ensure you really noticed that comment.

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If your looking to retain full numpad functionality Im using this custom keyboard
I have the height set to 30%


Yes did thanks @emre - just don’t like the position being at the top… Hey nice menu setup :wink:
Now I wonder how that will look on a 12" Tablet (Surface 3) and if its usable?

@silentbob - thanks so much that’s perfect, appreciate you sharing.

I think I will either go with this OR Automtion Command with a POPUP prompt? It does mean an extra key press that is similar to the old POS.

Emre be really nice in future to have a POP-OUT slider so options for Keyboard are [Large|Small|Slider|Not Used].
Just saying …