Hi all,
is there a way samba pos can deduct exact weight of a product when i change the price of the product.ie
raw meat 1kg =5.4
Then a customer comes in to purchase meat wroth 5.9. how can I set SAMBA POS that when I do the price change from 5.4 to 5.9 it will deduct exact meat weight and be shown on the captain order, receipt and the bill?

5.9 from 5.4 would be approx 9% increase not decrease?

I meant the customer will buy meat more than one kg and how can I use price change to counter that

Might be able to do a custom flow using ?prompt to enter price into formulary that updates qty of order using kg price and entered price but don’t really understand the need, surely any label etc will show weight and can just change qty/weight?

So I am guessing in your case the customer comes and says I want $3.5 worth of meat instead of saying I want xyz kg of meat.

Assumption is the starting order is always 1 whole unit. i.e. Qty 1x If its not, you will have to account for that and make adjustments to this formula.

So you have two edge cases, when new price is higher than original price and when new price is lower than original price. Math says you have to handle them differently so thats what we do.

Increase formula when new price is higher than original price

[={QUANTITY} + ({QUANTITY} * (  (-1*  ( 100 - ({LOCAL SETTING:NewPriceValue}/{PRICE}) * 100 ) / 100 )))]

Decrease formula when new price is lower than original price

[={QUANTITY} - ({QUANTITY} * (  ( ( 100 - ({LOCAL SETTING:NewPriceValue}/{PRICE}) * 100 ) / 100 )))]

AMC Calc QTY from Price

Import File (not thoroughly tested but seems to give expected results)
AMC Calculate QTY from Price - Import File.zip (1.4 KB)

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Thanks a lot,
I have been testing it for the last one week and the formula is working fine,
but, I found out two issues ie

  1. I can not change the price to a figure above 999.99. when i type 1,000, it reverts to 100.0.
  2. I can not limit this price change to the products I only need, how can i lock this price change to specific products?. It wold be great if this can be achieved.

Replace the SettingValue in AMC Qty Difference - Load Value rule

This new value will allow you to input from 1 to 6 digit numbers + 2 decimals. These are called RegEx masks, you can always look online how regex works and adjust your input masks.

You will have to constrain your actions/rules to your specific products using Constraint fields or add custom constraint to the rule.
There are plenty of examples on the forum for this.

I’ve uploaded an example for you to learn from and adjust by yourself, if you need someone to build custom features for you, you should create a new thread in Ad section and specify all your requirements and someone will send you their hourly rate, or you can message me in private and Ill send you a quotation for the work you need doing.

Thanks a lot its working ok