Weird situation with tickets

I am experiencing weird behaviour with multiple products. Here is one example
Coca Cola was sold today 6 cans. All tickets settled in customer accounts.
4 tickets are showing up in the tickets list (Filter: All Tickets), one of them is not. This one has 2 coca cola cans on it.
Items sales report is also only showing 4 cans sold and inventory is showing 4 consumed.
Any suggestions how is such possible.
For experiment purposes I opened another table and bought 2 cans, the ticket is showing up and inventory count is properly counted.

If it’s not showing up then how do you know there was a ticket? Maybe an employee is doing something?

Is it multiple terminal system?
If so check dates on all terminals are correct…

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The staff reported that they sold 6 Coca colas. I canvassed all the accounts for the tickets and found them in the accounts. However, not all are showing in the tickets list.

Is SambaPos using the device time to stamp the tickets?
If so then indeed that could be problem. I will check for it and report back.

JTR, thanks, you were correct. One device had an incorrect time.
Now, I am still a bit puzzled how come the inventory is messed up. The time was behind, which means the inventory should be adjusted retroactively and the end result should still be same. Please comment if that conclusion is correct.

I think that could be good to have an alert if a ticket is created in a date befofe the date of current work period, this happened to me before too, I know that time can be sync with server even without internet but there is the possibility to happens again

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Yeah, that should be done. The mayhem created by one device being off with time can be quite substantial.

Not sure about inventory, closing stock should be correct but consumption would likly be out for that period.

What version are you running? Sure recent versions have a time stamp check notification via message server.

I am running Version 5

Yes but what version? 5.x.x?
Think latest is 5.2.x. if its an earlier v5 it may not have been implemented yet.

Yes, staff received the notification. Some ignored.