What are hardwares need to purchase to install this application?


I would like to know what are the hardware need to be purchase to run this POS application? Please share the min specification too?

Does this application works in iPad devices? Please share more about it.

Also Where do i download the complete source code of application? Since I can see the option to download the exe file. http://sambapos.com/download-sambapos/

Let me know the path to donwload the iPad app source code and .NET app source code.


As the website says on the front page version 4 is not open source so you will not be able to get the source code. If you use the little search box in upper right corner of forum you can type hardware and it will bring up several suggestions. SambaPOS4 runs on Windows 7 or higher it will not run on any other operating systems including Apple IOS. You can use RDP services however.

If you spend a little time with the forum you will see that we have shared a very very large amount of information about SambaPOS.

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