What are the Order tag JSON mean

Could someone expalin an example order tag JSON

Can’t work out what each part means.

Also why are some order tags simply `[]``

That is an empty Array. It means there are no Order Tags for that Order.

There is a at least one post somewhere where I attempted to decipher the elements of the Order Tag. I need to find it… but basically:

TN : Order Tag Group (ie. Meats, or Veggies)
TV : Order Tag (ie. Ham, Sausage, Lettuce, Tomato)
Q  : Order Tag Quantity (ie. 2x Pepperoni)
UI : User Id (the Logged In User)
OI : Order Tag Group Id
OK : Order Tag Key... (see below)

The Order Tag Key is difficult to explain exactly. It has 3 sub-parts which I don’t remember offhand, but each part is 2 digits. In any case, this Key is responsible in part for placing Tags in a certain “order” or sequence. That is, if the Veggie Group is before the Meat Group, and you add Lettuce and Ham (in any order), then this Key is responsible for listing the Tags in the proper order (Lettuce then Ham).

For the most part, you probably just want to know about TN, TV, Q.

EDIT: here is the post detailing what I could decipher… there are more keys/elements than your example …