What does the hardware that i need for displaying kitchen display?

As per title, what are you guys using for displaying the kitchen display (with interactivity - touchscreen monitor).

Do i need buy additional touchscreen monitor and mini PC for diplaying the kitchen display with interactivity by using windows RDP to the main cashier PC?.

Or should i connect the mini PC to the database which is used in main cashier PC?. If i need to use RDP to connect to the main cashier PC, how to prevent accessibility problem?, i meant when the main cashier PC input (mouse,keyboard, touchscreen) being used at the same time the kitchen display system also being needed?

You buy a mini pc and touch monitor and connect it to SQL. No RDP.

Thanks a lot @Jesse, so i would be needed secondary SambaPOS 5 license for that kitchen display?

No a SambaPOS license has unlimited terminals per venue.

All you need is to setup SQL express , and message server. kb.sambapos.com has all the instructions.

message server is for what purpose?

To communicate between terminals the tasks, states, and entity changes required for a kitchen display you need message server.

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Basically it communicates changes to terminals so they can react to the change.

Check out the installation tutorial and the kitchen display tutorial in kb.sambapos.com it’s very helpful.

I use HP Slate 21. It is basically a huge 21" android “tablet” powered from wall.
It’s a single, slim, fanless device with clean white design and can be mounted on wall.
It’s got great 21" IPS FullHD touchscreen which is neither resistive nor capacitive (some magic). Works with wet hands, gloves, wooden spoons, knives, whatever is in your hand.
I believe it has 20% of intel based PC + monitor power consumption.
I got one of them for 50$

I use RDP to connect to my terminal PC (rdpwrapper). No issues so far except for sound stops working after several hours of use. The RDP has to be disconnected and reconnected.

Shame there is no successor to this super niche yet super useful device.

Rdp wrapper is a hack. But many people have no problem using it. It’s hard to recommend a solution if your happy.

You can always leave an old laptop running in the backoffice and rdp to it. What I wanted to recommend is the kitchen device itself.

What touch screens do you recommend that are resistant to the kitchen enviorment?