What happened to CSV builder?

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We have a third party inventory provider who needs the contents of the Item Sales report in CSV format. Previous to V5, we were using the CSV builder to accomplish this, however it now seems to be gone! Any guidance is appreciated.

It was extremely out dated and horrible. V5 allows data exports using templates to export into multiple formats and you can define the layout even something CSV builder didnt let you do.

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So, could you give me what exactly I would need to put in to get that kind of output? Basically, it needs to look exactly like the Item Sales report that comes default. I tried copying from that report into a data export, and it does create an MS Office friendly CSV, but almost everything is in one column…the formatting is really messed up.

Read through that discussion it covers everything. Pay attention to small details like when they discuss delimeter for different Language settings in Excel

For example he used ; delimeter due to his settings but I would use ,

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