What happened to this topic - compliments-to-the-chef-can-i-have-the-recipe-lol

Morning SambaPos Team

What happened to the topic above? I slept off at response no 24 and woke up to see that the thread has been deleted/moved or something.

I also found out that 5 new resonses were given that I did not see

I am interested in seeing what the responses are and why the deletion

We are all interested in making SambaPoS No 1 to the benefit of all and the innovators, bring that topic back please



Emre deleted the topic because it was not beneficial to the community. Feel free to discuss license model, business direction, features, etc in this new post if you wish. Emre is always welcome to discuss these things.

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You should not have done that. That’s dicatorial and draconian.

Be open to ideas and criticism, you don’t have to agree with what is said, but you should not shut it down.

Emree …am disappointed in this action. See why some people may be reluctant to go ahead fully with your dream?

You should not have done that…

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Feel free to discuss what you want about Sambapos. Let’s improve Sambapos through good constructive conversation.


olamide I’m open to any idea and criticism but I’m not open to ideas or criticisms about stuff other than me and SambaPOS. If we stay in topic it would be awesome.


No problem, I guess some posts came in after post 24 that went off topic. .cause all the posts before then WERE on SambaPos.

I do hope you took the points passed across by the respondents in good faith

Let me allow you focus on making V5 rock solid



I applaud Emre from taking the post down. There is no need to ramble negative comments.

I consider SambaPOS at $99 dirty cheap. It is based on the latest technology, it is stable and Emre fixes any bugs instantly(I know this from personal experience).

Please keeping in mind the developer needs an income. Do you or the other guy go to work not collecting a check?!

SambaPOS is rock solid. I have been using it for almost two years and I will not trade it for anything else.

P.S. I used to install another POS software that cost over $1000 and it is based on 1990s flat databases.


No that were NOT on SambaPOS. SambaPOS is just a software. Upsetting people who endeavored to make SambaPOS useful for everyone won’t make SambaPOS a better software. Sorry for removing that post. Maybe I’m not that intelligent but I didn’t understand how I should take that as “help”.

If possible I’ll kindly request from everyone interested to re-post their thoughts.

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Unless im mistaken and is different for v5 licence the Licence should be automatic into your sambamarket account, you dont get a licence key or something like that. its in your samba account which you loginto from samba and activate. are you sure its not in your sambamarket account?