What happens if I change the name of an account?

Does it affect anything that we already have sold?

I would like to add more descriptive names in portuguese…


Create your backups, try it and let me know if something unexpected happens :slight_smile:

jajajajajajjajajajajajajajajajjaajajajjajajaja, ok, will try…
but it did not sound very confident, jajajajjajajajajajajajja


@emre, I had some time left to test this… the result is the following, The systems stillw orks (GREAT), the cash accoutn now is named Dinhero (GREAT) the ticket prints as it should (GREAT) but this screen has a difference, and I dont know if that will be a problem… (look at the last line, some transactions where saved as “CASH” and the last transaction is “DINHERO”)

Will this affect the behaviour of the whole system??



That’s just the way SambaPOS saves the data for transactions. I does not change them retrospectively - only moving forward. And it is only the payment transaction name that changes.

I have changed them an nothing strange is happening so far… so it should not be a problem…