What is odi=true?

Sadly, I have no idea what this means. I see it on so many reports, it would be great to know what it means. I searched the forum and briefly online.

What’s the definition?


Order Decrease Inventory


Its usefull for reporting as well as inventory as a factor,
I use it for my wastage setup to, wastage items are changed to =false so not counted on plu/orders report for stocktakes then using order state for wastage report them separately.
Depends onhow other things are setup also, ie I dont use default cancel option, i mimic void flow but without confirm admin pin, this way canceled items dont decrease inventory on report on item sales but are reportable.
Likewise for void, my void is =false like a submitted cancel, i have seen others expand void/refund to offer the option of voiding but whether to decrease inventory or not ie, was it just canceled/returned and not consumed or was it a mistake that got prepaired but not consumed but not returnable to stock, bit like wastage setup.