What is PRODUCT in Inventory section?

I am new to inventory but I read a bit and it looks nice.

What is the diference between:

  • An inventory item and Product in Inventory section?
  • A product in product section and a product in Inventory section?


Inventory Products (in the Inventory Section) are things you can “build” or “pre-prep” that are made of Inventory Items and/or Inventory Products as defined by a Recipe.

Consider a Meatball. A Meatball is made of Ground Beef, Egg, Oatmeal, etc. You can define an Inventory Product for a Meatball, and for that Inventory Product, you have a Recipe that uses Inventory Items like Ground Beef, Egg, and Oatmeal. The Recipe could also contain other Inventory Products. An Inventory Product is not something that you usually sell directly; it is usually used in a Recipe for a “Product Product”.

Now think of a Meatball Sub. This is defined as a Product in the Product Section, and is something you sell. You create a Recipe for this “Product Product” and the Recipe contains 5 Meatball Inventory Products, along with Inventory Items like Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, etc.

This explains things in detail, with lots of examples…