What should I use ?, Complex menu, promotions, combo

Hello everyone, I have decided to write the post, because after 2 weeks searching and translating, it is not clear to me what tutorial I should follow, most likely I have already read the solution but do not see it.

Right now I have set up a restaurant with menu of the day (product = menu of the day) and everything else with order tags (1 course, 2 course and dessert):

-1º first course (15 different)
-2º second course (15 different)
-3º dessert (5 different)

But I need to be able to put each plate modifiers (1 course + ordertags and 2º course + ordertags) and then come out in kitchen ordered (this part I think I have it clear because I have it with product tag in the other products of the restaurant menu and it works ).

In one of the post, a user solves the problem by creating products with zero price; but I do not know if it would be the best.

In the forum I read:
-Complex menu
-Sub Orders development (this has not been developed)

What post should I follow?

Thank you and apologize for not having seen the solution.

An option you could use is separate menus for each course and setup Category Buttons for each course. So First Course button would load First Course Menu then you can use products and order tags accordingly.

You can use Change Screen Menu action and the automation command portion of the category setup in menu editor to trigger it.

It’s rather complex setup but it would allow you to create your flow.

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Greetings Kendash, first of all thank you very much for your answer; but you’re going to apologize, because with your explanation I still do not understand it.

With what you have written to me in your answer, I will continue to search the forum, if I can understand what you want to say.

My problem is that I am not very advanced in sambapos and I need to see examples to understand.

Thank you and I will answer again (when it is clear).


Good morning, I just searched the forum and I found in the forum 2 post and I think, I understand what you say.

But this will not work for me later in the Sambapos Mobile Client? (Sorry I did not say it before either).

I think I should have mentioned before that I have 2 PCs with windows 10 and 2 tablets with android.

Thank you

The setup you want will not work in mobile client at all.it is simply not setup to do courses. Maybe in future it will

Thanks for your answer.

We will have to wait.:sweat_smile: