What technical knowledge is required to implement as a SAMBAPOS expert?

What knowledge do you recommend to learn to implement SAMBAPOS as an expert?

For example SQL scritps, Jason, etc.

And if they know of material to learn.

You never stop learning, however if there is a path based on your experience, it contributes to the community we are starting.


You should learn all you need from kb.SambaPOS.com and the forum.

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Our most seasoned experts learned from interacting on the forum.

Thanks for the advice.

You should learn how to install and support sql server very well and learn the sql server management studio. Do all tutorials you can to get familiar with how our actions and rules interact.

Excellent thank you very much @Jesse

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It seems as though Json is playing a larger and larger role. That’s something I’m looking into learning. That and graphql.

Thanks for your comment, that gives me a concrete clue. It is clear to me from the beginning to learn from http://kb.sambapos.com/ and the forums, and in parallel SQL, Json and graphql servers. For reports some HTML syntax.

If you use forum look at a lot of discussions me, Emre,Qmckay Had with everyone we interacted with almost everyone.

Don’t forget about the terribly outdated programming language that is JScript!

Ok @rightguys , thanks