What to do if one rule is being fired before the other

When a ticket is created from an enitty I would like to do some actions on that entity.

I have a On Ticket Create Rule but its being called before the ticket entity loads

How would I be best to change this? So the ticket Entity Loads then the ticket is created, If I cant change this what option do I have?

Edit: I know I can use a delayed automation command, but I wouldnt really want that 1 second wait I need to put as the delay.

You cannot change the order of events when it comes to Ticket Creation.

That said, you might have some other options, but it really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

You can Sort Rules by clicking the link on the right, then drag Rules up/down.

When it comes to Entity Events, you have some choices, and you might need to capture a different Event other than Ticket Entity Changed:

Entity Selected
Entity Updated
Entity State Updated
Ticket Entity Changed
Entity Screen Changed

Ultimately, you need to explain what it is you are really trying to do… we can usually come up with the solution.