Whats causing samba to require to select driver before closing ticket?

I have a setup simliar to: How can make pay out

I have rules to add a delivery fee based on the ticket type once the state is updated. It was working exactly as I intended. But once I started a new work period I’m unable to close out of ticket until I select a driver. And I can’t figure out what’s causing this.

can you show screen shot of a ticket you cant close first?

This is the without the rule:

and this is with the rule

which rule if you would.



show the close automation command rule?
that rule wouldnt cause that itself.

Because you built that automation to assign the calculation to a driver account. It will not close ticket until a driver is assigned so it can make that transaction. I mean the very tutorial you linked that you used to build that calculation for driver pay requires a driver… You cant add a calculation for a driver without a driver.

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I’ve been suspecting that this is the case today. Are there any work around?

I need to be able to add delivery fee(flat fee, never changes) without assigning driver right away. and I need to be able to track delivery fee for each driver when the order is assigned a driver.

You will not be able to do that until a driver is selected.

Map the delivery fee to a delivery account and not to delivery drivers account and use a report to track the delivery fee by driver.

could you please illustrate how one would go about tracking fee by driver through report?

Try with

[Delivery Service:1,1]
>Driver|Delivery Service
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Drivers,CA.Delivery Service.sum}