What's the logic in the Printer Mapping to send specific order to specific printer?

I do not fully get the logic of the Print Mapping such as how the food group related/or versus the product columns when they are both listed. Is there some operator I can use to make them as an logical “or”, or alternatively a logical “and”?

There is no “AND” with Print Job Mappings.

The “OR” is implied from one Mapping to the Next, like:

Product Group = Drinks, Kitchen Printer, Kitchen Template
Product Group = Alcohol, Kitchen Printer, Kitchen Template

That ^ is an “OR”, as in:

IF (Product Group = Drinks OR Product Group = Alcohol) THEN print to Kitchen Printer using Kitchen Template

Group should work for all products set to that group.
Tag should work similarly and should be an alternative to my more complex method below but achives similar using normal status flow.
Product obvious
Portion requires a product to work

Mapping within a line is in theory is AND but generally you are only using select combinations.
You wouldnt typically use group and specify products as products is confinig within group in practice.
Each line acts as an OR

Personally I usually go for more finite control.
My print setup using the state field in the print action to print specific orders similar to the default where it only prints New except I have made seperate printing sates of KPrint=Print which is changed to KPrint=Printed and similar for BPrint=
These states are added to orders as they are added to ticket based on Kitchen print and Bar Print product tags which allows easy per product print settings.
These use two print jobs to two print templates so are very separate flows.

Everything is mapped as it only prints items with Kprint=Print state.

This gives me an easy way to specificly ‘map’ printing by just adding any value into the product tag Kitchen Print column for any product regardless of group etc.
Also much more visual that mapping.
Although for new convert with many products does mean a few minutes going down the product list in tag editor and adding a value (I use Y for clarity as in yes).

Q beat me to it LOL