What's the XCT code for print NV Logo from the Xprinter, in particular C58K?

I see that more and more people are using Xprinter but it seems not many people are using all their features. The official website and manual do not contain in-depth technical details. It would be a service to the community if someone can list out the ESC sequence and such. I will try to convince the manufacturer if I can get to them. I have a feeling that the manufacturer expects users to use some Epson compatible codes but it never say which model, so some codes will work some codes will not work if blindly copy them from a peer’s system.

So what is Xprinter? It looks like all the other cheap generic Chinese printers that I see. Likely this is the reason why. I would imagine Xprinter is just a company that is sourcing cheap Chinese printers and slapping their name on them hence the lack of support or details.

I find that most EPSON XCT commands work but you may need to try different variations. I have a generic Chinese printer and most of the XCT commands work just fine.

I found this you can try it and see if it works for you.

The manufacturer honestly probably does not care at all. They are just selling very cheap product to make as much money as possible and they just slap in the bare minimum documentation. Most of these printers work like Epson printers because they basically stole those designs and cheapened them.

I use Cheap Chinese printers so it doesn’t really bother me but it is what it is.

I have tried several different commands, but the logo printing is still not working. I will experiment more to see what sticks.

Sadly, the Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday starts today for many companies back there, so contacting them could be a task these 2 weeks.

Xprinter is a manufacturer near Shenzhen and I found its product in Shenzhen electronic markets last time I visit there checking out business potentials about Apple’s upcoming expansion in Shenzhen. I feel the build quality of it is as good as any Epson, Samsung or Brother printer. It is surely a better build than the Zebra and the Brother(the cover jams just after half a year of use) that I have. The prints(darker and more saturated) seem much better than the other ones I used in several installations(not entirely remember what those are but at least I know some are Epson and Samsung old models) and thus I bought this one to try. However, I am using their paper, so not sure whether that contribute to the print difference. I also notice when using the fill command the character “-” or “=” is not printed very even. Can the machine last is another question, only time can tell. I have owned this less than half a year.

The manufacturer seems to be completely geared towards domestic market and lacks the international style of support. I strongly feel that if I am still there, it can be setup in a split second because everyone in the electronic market seems to know what’s the defaults for this brand when I asked them to demo. For example, they were able to immediately set up a print from my Android phone with another Bluetooth printer of them and print all the stuff I throw at them including some web-base POS. So I would not fault them for not providing me with information for software that is not local to them or 100% software compatibility.

The command you mention is indeed the correct command but it just printed one more messed-up character at the beginning of the next line. If I do not print the logo, this messed-up character does not happen.

I will upload pics to explain better when I have a chance.

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I have a Hillpow printer and it works great, very good build quality. I have yet to upload my logo but I imagine it probably shares the same drivers as yours, I find most of those printers do. I will be uploading my logo soon though I may refer back to this thread when I do if you manage to work something out that works please share.