When customer pay with exact amount of money no bill is printed

When a customer paid with exact amount of money or when I use the “ALL” or “Ticket” button in the settlement screen. When the balance become 0.00 no bill is printed. Only a kitchen order is printed.
Can someone please help?

Does the bill print if there is change ?

Yes the bill is printed when there is change. I am using the latest V3.

The Print Bill action needs to be assigned to the ticket closing rule.
Looks like it’s assigned to a change due rule. When there is no change due, the Print Bill action is not called.

Fought for 2 days with this, finally it worked thanks to you John.
Great, I will support the project, good night

Hi John,
Now I am facing another issue, Every time I am closing an order or putting a order on hold a customer ticket is printed. How can I fix this.
I assigned the Print Bill action to the ticket closing rule.

You will have a Ticket Closing rule with a constraint Remaining Amount = 0
Add the Print Bill action to this rule

But when I put a order on hold customers can still order. But with this setting also the kitchen printer gives
no output. Some cases customers are not finished ordering.
I have a sushibar and people are ordering sushi all the time, so every time they order a kitchen print has to roll out and at the the end the bill for the customer to pay.


You need to add the Execute Print Bill Print Job Action to the Ticket Payment Check Rule, not the Ticket Closing Rule. Below is how you need the set the Ticket Payment Check Rule, see screenshot:

This way it would only print once the ticket is settled and it would not effect your Ticket Closing Rule

Then remove the constraint you have inputted into the Ticket Closing Rule and also remove the Execute Print Bill Job from the Actions.

Please remember these are two different rules and if you set them as I have mentioned, there should be no problems.


Thanks, it’s working, step by step I am getting closer, have a nice day