When re-open ticket, the discount button not enabled in payment screen

Hello, is there a way to re-enable discount button in payment screen when re-open ticket?

Have you tried Updating Ticket Status to New Orders?

I’ve just tried, the ticket’s status changed to New Orders but discount button and round button still grey out in payment screen.

Reopen as in paid and closed?
Why are you discounting after paid and closed?
Are the payments still on the ticket?

I need to re-open ticket after it is paid. This is the situation:

  1. I’m offering a little discount for customers who leave us a review.
  2. The cashier forgot to give the discount to the customers and they came back asking for a refund.
  3. The staff gave them a refund manually and took note about the case.
  4. The staff went back office in the next morning asking an accountant to fix the bill to match the situation.

For your information, the unlocked ticket works just fine. After ticket closed, I can unlock and give discount just fine.

However, if the ticket was paid, when I re-open the ticket, the discount button is grey out.

I mean, I’m using re-open ticket word for paid ticket and I’m using unlock ticket word for closed ticket.

There are several things that happen when a ticket is finalised.
Obviously payments are created.
Status updated to paid.
Ticket marked as closed.

There is more to it than just reopen ticket action.
Have you canceled payments?

If I was doing it I would be more inclined to offer them account credit rather than a refund as encourages future sales.

I’m pretty sure that I have cancel payment action in the re-open ticket rule. I can gift, void items after re-open but discount and round.

Try adding an extra item and see what happens.

Interesting! After re-open ticket the discount button still grey out. However, when I added an item, then canceled that item, the discount button worked. Ha ha! Thanks @JTRTech. You saved my day. Do you know the reason for it to work like that?

As suggested earlier it will be ticket state issue. Guessing your action to change from paid was incorrect. I suggested as adding an order will also change the ticket state and confirm my sispission that you hadn’t change the ticket state from paid correctly.

It’s a mapping issue with states. You need to cancel all payments as well.

My rule looks like this one in the past post.

What do you mean @Jesse? Please show me more specific. I really want to fix this issue.

Are you using a ticket calculation or automation command for discount?

I’m using ticket calculations for discount and round.