Where is the connection string kept?

Hi there,

I got some trouble (HD?) and cannot find the Sambapos5 database anymore on the SQL Server (version 2014).

So uninstall Samba and reinstall from scratch (the idea is to restore a backup), however after reinstall I always get my previous connection string apperaing with the “cannot find error”

After reading I deleted alll the sambapos directoties (user - I got only one; program files) but “new” sambaPOS install still wanting to use this old connection string instead of not finding anything and reinstall a new db.


(btw as i don’t have the sql tool, I had made some successfull odbc connection onto that DB, but same thing occurs apparently my db is corrupted, has disappeared, the odbc connection is now also failing onthat sambapos5 db - master is ok)

The file you are looking for is SambaSettings.txt and it is usually located in: