Where to start for first time user

This is my first time to user sambaPOS.
Where do I start?

I have installed SambaPOS 5.
Now I want to the application.

I don’t know what to do next.
Can someone point me in the right direction?

If you have installed congratulations you have the application :stuck_out_tongue:

Double click on the sambaPOS icon on your desktop to start the program…

Sorry to be sarcastic but what are you expecting?
You havn’t said anything about your kind of business, what type of settings your looking to change etc…

I would guess you want to start by adding your products.
Search on the forum for adding products and setting up menu.

Start here …

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Look to link to that, it used to be pinned to top of forum I think but dont think it is anymore.

It is… it just won’t be when you are logged in and if you have read it. If you are not logged in, you see this:

I am trialling SambaPOS for a restaurant and bar business.
I guess I need to understand what products are, I need to understand what a group is and what a tag is, what makes up a menus etc.
I have found helpful hints on this forum.