Which is the best way to MONITOR or AUDIT our Restaurant/Bar OutSide?

Hi Team,

Im a bar owner, so I can´t stay all the time and all days in the place, sawing the sambaPos reports, and all that happen in my bar about sells

With my phone, I can see the cameras all the time, so I dont know how to monitor all the things that my employes do over sambaPOS or if they dont used it

I tried with a remote desktop in my smartphone that works so good when I use a good bandwidth connection… so dont works good when Im in my car, or walking… I know that is a problem from my network using rdp… so I need have the control everytime

I want to know if you re experiencing my same issue, or if you have found the best solution.

I have in mind some possible solutions

  1. Use a SQL Server Mobile Client to query the sambaPos database (first I need identify the queries with a profiler…)
  2. Develop a simple app that query the reports or relevant info, and deploy it over an app server (IIS or apache), and open a port like 9090 in my private IP Address, to access from internet
  3. Develop a cron query that send me and email every hour (bad solution…)
  4. Develop a mobile app

Please your help team

You can use the Send Email action to email any report to you.

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