Which permission allows staff to see ticket additional information

Do you know where I can’t find where to enable ticket information for staff?

Staff ticket information is empty

Admin ticket can see ticket information

Never thought about ticket states but visibility of order states is set by defining the sate in the section where you can define formats

This is so confusing, still haven’t found it anywhere. :face_with_thermometer:

In main/first section of manage page there should be a states tab.
One of the options is whether to display or not.
States don’t need to be defined to work but if you want to display for non admjn or set formats where applicable need defining to set them.

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I see them now. As you said, they are for order, not for ticket.

You need to set that state to visible on ticket. Admin sees states by default for debug reasons. The only way non admin will see states is if you define the state and mark it as visible on ticket.

Thank you for the feedback Jesse. So, for Loyalty Points state, there won’t be a way to make it appear because there was not such state define anywhere, right?

No you can define it and make it show. The state is called Loyalty Points.

Create a new ticket state and call it the same and check that option.

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Never expect it’ll work that way. Thank you! :+1: