Which Time clock to Use?

I’ve dabbled with a few time clocks in the forum but I’m not sure which one to follow.

I came across the following guide under the main website: https://kb.sambapos.com/en/4-14-how-to-set-time-clock-implementation/

How does this differ to the paid module on Samba Market or the tutorials from late QmcKay and @Jesse?

Would really appreciate some recommendations on which path to follow!

Just to let you know we will be building an official integration with www.7shifts.com for time keeping and scheduling. It will not be long before we have it ready.

I am working with them now and we hope to have a free version for SambaPOS users as well as some paid upgraded options that add additional features for our users.

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Just checked out 7 shifts and it looks awesome, can’t wait for this!

I’m hoping there would be a way to automatically sync the User List from Sambapos?

Yes we would be able to do that. I think it will be worth the wait.

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