Why BMP image Doesnt Show

I don’t know why my logo doesnt show in tickets corectly do i have mistakes in my ticket modéle

That looks like the ASCII dump of the bmp binary file. I see a mix of ECP/POS tags and HTML tags. How do you have your printer configured? What is the Printer Type? Is it ESC/POS, HTML, Windows Printer, etc.?


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I have Samba Pose 3
Dont have a Printer type

V3 was way before my time and I don’t quite know what functionality works and doesn’t. It’s quite possible that the ability to print bitmaps on the ticket just doesn’t work in that version.

V3, and V4 are not really supported on these forums any more.

Sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

We no longer support version 3. We probably already fixed whatever issue you are having with our latest version.

5.3.6 is our latest version.

Look at this post:

It may help?