Why is there mismatch between ticket total in Tickets and Item sales Report


Recently i faced an issue while taking an specific item groups sales , as i do know that we can obtain item sales in item sales report , but for my shop i want that specific ticket number of that product as well. So i tried searching for the product group named as kunafa on Tickets and searched .But to my surprise i could see a big difference as while comparing with item sales report. Could someone help me with this issue , am also new here

Thank you

Maybe the ‘tickets’ show all day on the start date where the report shows from 11:27?

Plus the end time on the 2nd of May is 01:05 on the report but the tickets seem to start at 20:32.

There is a big difference between order sales value and tickets value, there is a good chance you are having ticket level calculations that are affecting these.

Order value sales and final ticket total can be different if calculations like discounts, rounds or anything else is applied before settlement.

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