Why isnt this {ENTITY NAME} Constraint Working?

Im trying to tag all orders placed in a certain entity button with a ticket tag called DriveThru. Problem is the rule isnt triggering the show message at all, something wrong with {ENTITY NAME} ?

It’s not an entity specific event so you need to specify the entity type.
Not sure if ticket created will have entity though and it would need to create the ticket before adding entity I would imagine.
Why not used entity selected event?

Entity Selected would keep firing everytime ticket gets opened right? @JTRTech

so change the constraint to {ENTITY NAME: Tables}

No, entity select I beleive is just when entity added to ticket not ticket opened with entity, as I understand it its entity selected FOR curent ticket.

Alternativly there is entity updated (or changed) not at pc to check, where you can set old and new entity if needed…

You may need to launch a delayed automation command then check entity name in the command executed rule. That should give it enough time to ensure entity is assigned first.


Ticket Entity Changed executes when you assign an entity for ticket.


That might be better event to use. Thank you Emre.

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