Why my screen appears like this

I had this, when installing samba it asked if i wanted to replace the segoe font, if you clicked no it does not install the fonts needed to display the images

Just run the install of samba again and when it asks if you want to install/replace the segoe font say yes and when you open samba the icons will be there

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Just now i did installation but it didn’t ask about segoe font .Now same screen appears

Mine always prompts me to replace it, im not at my pc right not, i wil be in about 45mins to an hour and ill see if i can copy the font and send it to you

Doesnt look like i can copy the font to send to you, see if you can google segoe UI font and download it

otherwise if re-installing samba doesnt work it might need @emre to suggest a solution

Is it Windows 7? Please review Posting Guidelines document for receiving better answers…

If it is windows 7 try running setup as an administrator.

I always run Setup as Administrator, and suggest it all the time. Also, immediately after installation, it doesn’t hurt to run SambaPOS the first time as Admin, login, logout, exit. Subsequent launches can be run normally. Just a suggestion…

If i reinstall samba POS will i loose any menu items i have added?

No. Why reinstall? What problem are you having?

I am having the same issue with the icons not appearing on the main screen

So yes just reinstall and wait for the font install to pop up. Install the SegoeUI font