Posting Guidelines

Please follow this guideline for receiving faster responses to your issues.

  • Create separate posts for multiple questions.

  • Use one of these tags for your posts.

Request: when you know SambaPOS doesn’t do something, but you would like to see that functionality added.

Question: when you don’t know how it works and you’re seeking help, or you want to know if SambaPOS is capable of something.

Issue: when something is broken. It should be treated with caution, and should rarely be used unless you are certain something is broken. This could be strange or unexpected behavior that you know is not correct, or something as drastic as a program Hang or Crash.

  • Issues should be accompanied by:
    SambaPOS Version
    DB Type and Version
    OS Type (32/64) and Version
    Device Type (PC/Tablet/etc)
    Error Messages
    Steps to recreate the issue

Please do not send PM’s, Facebook Posts or e-mails for your support requests. If you absolutely need to ask your question through PM please let us know the reason you need to keep that conversation private.

You can visit this post for your suggestions.


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