Why SambaPOS? Why the apple?

I got a few people ask me and I realised I don’t have an answer, so I’m going to ask here as I can’t find it mentioned anywhere! I am sure @emre can share the reason…

Why is SambaPOS called SambaPOS?

Why is the logo an apple?

lol really silly but It is coming from Salsa Sauce. Sauce pronounces as “sos” in Turkish. Also POS pronounces as “pos” not “pi o es” so I first thought it can be SalsaPOS. @mehmet didn’t liked that as “salsa” also have a weird meaning in Turkish. I wanted it to be an universally known name. Probably while thinking about Salsa dance I decided to make it SambaPOS.

There is nothing special about Apple symbol. I found it from a free “Food” icon set. While ending opensource I outlined in photoshop, added gradient… I think it is easy to recognize and remember. Everyone likes the name but some people hates apple. We may change it. I’m not in love with it :slight_smile:


A few people asked me if it was related to that. And asked if the software is from Brazil since that is where salsa dancing comes from.

So the salsa, is it a personal favourite sauce?

I actually think the name is good as it’s unique, and it’s good to have an understanding of where it comes from! :slight_smile: thanks for sharing

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Yes I like it but not because it is my favorite. I was trying to relate it to food industry.