Wi-Fi Password_randomize/change & print

Ok so I have a project that i want to take on. don’t really know were to start with this one as i am still a noob on this but a fast learner and have learned so much already
would it not be cool to lets say do the following

  1. within sambaPOS v5 be able to change the password of the WiFi and also be able to randomize a password and be changed on the router.
  2. be able to print it for the customer on request.

the hardware i am using is an LTE Router
Model: LTE3301-Q222

This has already been done and a tutorial has been abailable for it for over 2 years from v4. Look it up with search function i cant remember the exact link. Qmckay did the tutorial in v4

How often are you looking to change?
Are you actually changing the wifi password or this that one of ZyXEL’s hotspot devices generating per user codes?

You obviously realize that changing the password cuts off users already on right?
For a per user password you need to look at Captive Portal or Enterprise WPA with Radius…
Im currently setting up a captive portal which links to an SQL powered radius.
With an SQL powered radius you could get samba to generate per user passwords with time/bandwidth limits which get printed on receipts but is not a simple project to setup…

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If not going to that extent and just changing code weekly/monthly you would be better off manually changing and just putting the code in the template or on a separate ‘Wifi code template’ with its own print button like ive done in a couple of places.

hi i would like to do the same setup but not fluent yet with samba could you point me on how to do this.