Wifi password features in V5


Greetings to all masters here. I would like to know more about this WiFi password features available in V5. Do I need to buy a specific router? Is the password generated randomly? Can I set specific time per password, per ticket, etc.

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SambaPOS is Point of Sale software. It is not WiFi Router Management software. It has no native methods built in to mange routers or their passwords. And it probably never will.

You will need to devise your own method for managing WiFi Passwords. This Tutorial using external scripts, programs and methods for changing WiFi passwords shows one method to do so…



I’m not sure if I’m getting it right (English not my native language, sorry! :frowning: ).
I’ve read the link and the instructions given is somehow a way for script to input new password for guest wifi thru a program named Putty or thru SSH?

Yes, Putty and Plink are Telnet Clients used to login and issue commands to your router.

SSH (Secure Shell) is optional - it uses increased security, and is a protocol supported by Putty/Plink. Your router needs to support it too.

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oh cool. i understand now. i have little knowledge back then on Telnet 15 years ago lol where we used to login dialup.

so basically i can issue command thru a script made in Sambapos and direct how Putty/Plink communicate with the router? :smile:

This is basically a bat file.

Exactly a BAT file. It contains commands to run PLINK or Putty and via those programs it issues commands to the Router to login and update NVRAM which is where the password(s) are stored, then reset the Wireless service.

The only thing that SambaPOS does is call execution of the BAT file, while supplying the BAT file with a new password as a parameter. SambaPOS does not interact with the Router in any way whatsoever. The BAT file and Putty/PLink do all the “work”.

The commands issued via Putty are going to be different for each brand/model of router due to the way settings are stored in the router NVRAM. The script and telnet commands were built specifically for an ASUS AC66. It probably works fine for other recent ASUS Routers (ie. AC68, etc), but the only way to tell is to issue the commands manually via telnet/SSH to find out which variables you need to affect.

It might be more generic if your router was running custom firmware such as DD-WRT or Tomato, since those firmwares set the same parameters/values on any router they run on.

@QMcKay what kind of error is this ?

Error: Unrecognized flag (’-P’)

-P is not recognized or not valid. Where are you using that and how or why.

in the same tutorial for changing wifi password … I have a Thomson TG585 and a Pipeline … both the same error

:exclamation: :warning: Manipulating Router firmware manually via a shell such as Telnet or SSH is not for the faint of heart, and you should not be doing this without knowing what is going on. You could even brick your Router. Use extreme caution and do things step by step to ensure you can issue the proper commands, in the correct order, manually via Putty first before running the BAT file.

  • The first step is to ensure a valid connection and login.
  • Then you will issue commands to read values from NVRAM.
  • Then you may issue commands to update portions of NVRAM.
  • Finally, you will likely need to issue a command that reboots the Router, or resets the WiFi service so that it loads the new password values.

That error is coming from the lines in the BAT file that look like this:

plink.exe -ssh %rHOST% -P %rPORT% -l %rUSER% -pw %rPASS

-P is used to specify the Port that Plink should use when opening connection with the Router.

This is not a support forum for Telnet, SSH, Putty, or Plink.

It might be that you do not have SSH enabled on your Router, or the version of Plink you are using has changed it’s parameters/switches, so that -P to specify the port is no longer valid, or is only a valid switch in some cases when combined with other switches.


You should not be running the BAT file arbitrarily. You should be using PuTTy to interactively login, run commands, and logout. This is to ensure your commands are correct for the Router. Once you have the command sequence working properly from a manual perspective, you can use PLink (or Putty) in a BAT file to issue the correct commands in the proper order.

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Thank you Q i know what kind of forum is.
I just wanted to know what was the error. :smile: