-windowed line parameter not working well with powertoys fancyzone

using v5.6.2

added -windowed to the line parameter
I am using PowerToys Fancyzones, and have also chosen “Move newly created windows to the last known zone”

the window is correctly placed inside the zone.
however, the window is not properly sized in the zone. the top toolbar showing min, max icon is not showing, and the UI of the keypad is too big for the screen and is cut off

Is it possible to make it compatible with fancyzones?

Thank you

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.28.45 AM

Sorry you may want to ask the developers of Fancyzone to make their app compatible with Sambapos.

Powertoys is a utility from Microsoft

I notice even when “-windowed”, the samba loading splash screen is still forcing to be full screen. Maybe this is causing incompatibility issues.

Would samba team consider to help make the loading splash screen non-full screen if we already add -windowed

Thank you