Windows 10 Security Updates / RDP Problem


Has anyone had problems with the recent updates?

I have 2 security updates with no option to uninstall KB4485449 and KB4465663

Windows 10 Pro.

No longer able to have concurrent sessions?

Any suggestions…


Since the patch is effectively a crack it is to be expected that updates will fix the exploited vulnerability.
Don’t this it is something Samba condones however my advice would be to look at an alternate newer patch.


Microsoft will always patch that and break peoples non licensed rdp setups. This is why I recommend not relying on a hack.

To use concurrent sessions on Windows your supposed to pay for licenses and it’s not cheap.


In fact it’s often cheaper just to have multiple small PC’s and run one for each tablet since you can pickup usff PC’s on eBay with good enough spec for 50-60£


I managed to get it working, by removing the wrapper and re-installing. :+1:


RDP port is crashed my pc as a encrypted virus attacked few months ago i couldnt recover it if u wabt its expenaive to recover . As they wanted to pay wanted each file decrypted.
I recommend not to open any rdp port this is my worst experience


My opinion on security and rdp. If your going to open rdp up only allow it when connected to a VPN. VPN should always be the main method of accessing everything remotely. At the very least IPSEC VPN or SLL VPN which is even more secure.


That’s all on the basis of using RDP remotely and having ports open for it, this is going to be a rare setup, RDP for tablet ordering is 99% going to be a local use.