Windows 10 tablet for V5

I’m looking at the following tablet for my waiting staff to take orders:

The staff said: “Windows tablets can run full win32 and .net programs.”

When I look in my computers files, I see that SambaPOS5 is located in the x86 program files folder. Would the above tablet be able to run V5?


Most important specs:

Intel Atom Z3735F 1.33 GHz with Intel Burst Technology up to 1.83 GHz

2GB DDR3L-RS 1333 MHz

Hard drive size

Operating system
Windows 10 Home, 32-bit

x86 is actually 32bit programs.
The OS is presumably 64bit, Samba is 32bit fo goes in that programs folder.
In 32bit windows there is just the programs folder as 64bit os can run 32bit software buy 32bit od cannot run 64 bit software.
Sure someone else will know why but I never got round to looking up why 64bit is x64 but 32 is x86.

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Thank you for your reply

And just remembered why its probably called x86.

The old processors before Pentium, were called 80286, 80386 and 80486. It was a 32 bit system, so the x could represent 802, 803 and 804.

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32 bit applications are installed in Program Files (x86) but native 64-bit applications run in the “normal” Program Files folder. The x86 version is there for backwards compatibility so that you can run 32bit applications on a 64bit OS. So you need both folders.

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Thank you for the answer. Ill be plasing an order for them this weekend, if I get my system sorted out.