Windows 10 Task Bar

Is it just me or does the fullscreen-ness of samba not go in front of win 10 task bar?
Have noticed on a couple of terminals of clients which upgraded to win 10 that the taskbar is staying on top of samba…
Have setup autohide for now but wondered if I’ve missed something.

Initial startup it covers the task bar.

Coming out of fullscreen and going back into fullscreen does not cover the task bar.

Must be a Win 10 update thing.

Thought I was going crazy LOL

Ive found that if you minimise samba and make it full screen again it cover the task bar

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Windows 10 made some changes on how full screen works. I’m not sure if it is a bug or feature but I noticed it on a pre-release built of Windows 10 and made some fixes for V5. It still behave strange but at least works fine on first start. V4 probably will never cover taskbar :frowning: I hope they’ll fix that.


No mater what I did it wouldnt do it at one point…even if I restarted samba?

It seems to do it if there are other open tasks with notifications?

I found solution to hide taskbar on sambapos v4 using windows 10.

First activate touch screen keyboard just right click on the taskbar, and click on Show touch keyboard button to toggle it to show (checked)
Then run sambapos and when taskbar show up just click on touch screen keyboard button in taskbar and thay will dissapier.

Greeting from Serbia :wink: