Windows Assigned Access support

@emre this would be awesome if SambaPOS supported this. Its available in windows 10 pro, Enterprise, or education its the ability to setup kiosk mode for an app that is designated for Assigned Access. It is really simple to setup and would make resellers lives much easier. TO setup a windows 10 machine to run as a kiosk for SambaPOS where it actually keeps the computer locked but SambaPOS would run on top of it. To set it up you simply go to settings > accounts > other users and its an option to set up a local assigned access account and choose the app you want to run as kiosk.

Here is info on how to develop an app for it.

Do you think we could test SambaPOS with this?

I will add I do not know much about it I just now found this feature. So it may not be something we can support but man it sure would make setting up kiosks much easier.

  1. The single-app kiosk experience
  2. Assign one app to an account. When a user logs in, they will have access to only this app and nothing else on the system. During this time, the kiosk device is locked, with the kiosk app running above the lock screen. This experience is often used for public-facing kiosk machines. see Set up a kiosk on Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education for more information.
  3. The multi-app kiosk experience (available in Windows 10, version 1709 and later)
  4. You can assign one or more apps to an account. When a user logs in, the device will start in a restricted shell experience with access to only your selected apps. See Create a Windows 10 kiosk that runs multiple apps for more information.

I was thinking that works with universal apps but I’ll take a look.

Edit: It says desktop apps also supported…

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It may and that is kind of what I was thinking.

This is the only method that supports desktop apps.

Unfortunately it works by installing a separate market app. I don’t know if SambaPOS can apply that configuration without needing that app.

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That is how I typically set it up. I saw the setting when looking at accounts and quickly looked it up I had a feeling it might be Universal apps only. Thats a bummer.

LOL microsoft… Let’s see what will happen.
I wish I can access my dev machine back :))

I have used that tool to setup a kiosk it works. I just thought wow that settings option makes it so quick. Too good to be true :frowning:

Hmm it looks like I’m creating a kind of virtual machine…

@emre are you there? or your pc was gone ?

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I think this option is for Universal Apps.

Yes I’m here :slight_smile:

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I saw this kiosk option the other night when setting up my new pc

This isnt really the same thing but I setup a kiosk mode on my terminals. I have windows setup to auto logon and launch samba then in samba im using a action and rule so that any time samba starts on that terminal it kills the windows explorer task then if samba closes or crashes it launches it again so you can bring up the regular windows desktop. It works really well actually and havent had issues with it. Im also thinking of making a automation command button that when you press it sets up the samba user in windows as a admin and sets up the auto login in the registry and sets sambapos as the main shell for the samba user.