Windows Embedded POS Ready 2009 for V5

Continuing the discussion from Does SamabaPOS works on Windows embedded POS ready 2009:

Windows Embedded POS Ready 2009 is based on Windows XP. SambaPOS V5 (and V4) will not run on Windows XP or any embedded systems based on it. You need to upgrade to Windows 7 or greater.

You can also use Windows Embedded POSReady 7 which is based on Windows 7, depending on your options.

The last version of SambaPOS that will run on Windows XP (and POSReady 2009) is V3, however you will be missing out on a lot of great new features that have been released since, plus most people on the forum are using V4+ so there will be less community support available to you.

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What is pos ready benefits?
Am I right in understandin it’s slimmed down on the consumer clutter?
Is it cheaper?

Further to this discussion I am wondering if there is any other solution to the ones offered. I have V5 installed on one register and I want to expand the system and utilize an existing POS with Windows Embedded POS ready 2009. I have no idea how to work around this

Sorry didn’t finish!.. Thanks for the response, I am using V5 on another POS but am hoping that I could get it on the embedded version. I have no problem updating windows to windows 7 but wonder if it is possible on this! It seems that it may be locked into this version, do I just uninstall this version and start from scratch or do I try and update to windows 7 or abofe? Thanks for any help

JTRT I have no idea!

I would check the specs of the machine first, have found myself that most epos machines that came with xp or equivilent struggle with win 7

Microsoft is replacing Windows embedded with Windows 10. It will be special version of 10 that runs similar to embedded. Maybe check into that.

If the hardware is as old as XP it’s time to upgrade the hardware. That’s my opinion.


@bodser kendash is not wrong in reg hardware, if it came with xp it’s getting on a bit and defiantly time to consider updating.
As you may babe seen from my other posts my preference for ‘fully fledged’ static terminals is seperates systems with touch screen and pc separates which generally offers very respectable savings on a spec for spec comparison on all in one systems.
The tablet terminal may be another option which is deliantly a growing trend.
When it comes to my purchasing as a refurb reller, generally if it came with xp I avoid, not only will it not run samba v4 or v5 it is probably punching 8-10 years old.

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The biggest issue is Microsoft doesn’t update XP anymore so your system will be defenseless to online attacks targeting XP. If you have to use XP never connect it to Internet. There might not be a serious threat atm but there is no guarantee.

That blog post explains how attackers reverse engineers windows 7/10 security updates and tests if same vulnerability exists for windows XP.

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@JTRTech POSReady has different licensing than retail versions of Windows. You cannot buy Embedded versions, they need to be installed by the manufacturer / OEM or system builder. We use POSReady 7, but needed to work with our supplier to purchase the licenses for each system we sell. The per system license cost is much lower than retail versions, but the end user cannot reinstall the system (i.e. if system needed reinstall they need either to go back to where they purchased from or install a retail version of Windows from scratch). Therefore, there is no installation media for end user. For a system builder, you get a master install of POSReady which you then use to configure your general install for each hardware you use. Each system does not require activation (therefore a very convenient time saver), and for us, once we have our master system set up, we take a disk image of it using Microsoft’s free ImageX utility. Our image is of the OS, plus all drivers, configuration, support software, MSSQL Server, SambaPOS. So, when we sell a new system, we just write the image to the system, and it’s pretty much ready for SambaPOS customisation in 20 minutes.

POSReady 2009 (XP version) was a lot better for general software compatibility (e.g. user can install MS Office). However I have found POSReady 7 some normal software like MS Office will not install, I never researched further about this but found out from client feedback. I never had any problem with installing software needed for using as a POS. Also, because the system builder is put in control of what windows components are available, end user cannot access windows components from Add/Remove software. This is good for a support angle, but not ideal for end user who is IT proficient. You can get around this but you need to install windows components via command line.

There are some other benefits of POSReady I won’t go into here and you can read about online, but for SambaPOS it is a good OS to use if you are purchasing POS hardware from a supplier as the cost of OS will be less. But if you are setting up yourself, you don’t have this option so must use retail / OEM or similar licensed versions of retail Windows.

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It is quite simple:

  1. There is no way you can use SambaPOS V5 or V4 on Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 (or Windows XP). There is no workaround. You just have to accept it.
  2. If you already have an old system with POSReady 2009, you cannot upgrade it yourself to POSReady 7. You need to wipe it and install a fresh copy of Windows 7 or above. You won’t be “locked in” to using POSReady 2009 - but you just need to install fresh Windows using installation media and select the option for clean / fresh install as you can’t upgrade from POSReady 2009. But like other suggest, it depends on your hardware specification and how old it is if you can install (and properly use) Windows 7 or greater. If you want you can give the basic hardware specs (processor, RAM, hard disk size) here and I can give general comment. I do know some hardware suppliers have been selling (and still do) POSReady 2009 until recently so it might not be the case your hardware is too old, just misguided hardware suppliers still using it.

Also @JTRTech, @emre - on a side note, POSReady 2009 end of support lifecycle from Microsoft is actually April 9, 2019 and end of license (which is when the license can no longer be used for new installations) is February 11, 2024. This is why some hardware suppliers are still using it, and the long lifecycle for support is because it is an embedded software. However, in reality, I found because it is based on XP, you can’t get updates anymore via Windows Update, which goes against the end of support from Microsoft. I would imagine that you should still be able to get manually installed security updates from Microsoft for POSReady 2009 but I have no idea how given all updates it uses are for Windows XP.

EDIT: Actually I just found this article that says POSReady 2009 still gets updates to April 2019. I was sure that the system I tested before was not getting updates from Windows Update but maybe it was not related to this. Anyway, irrelevant to this original post but still interesting to know.


Sorry to have missed all comments above, I just didn’t see them! Thank you for the contributions and time, I actually decided to just purchase a Linx 10 inch tablet for about €200 in order to avoid all the hassle - see here- For anyone who wants to build a cheap system with a windows tablet I would highly recommend as it has worked out great for me so far. Thanks again and sorry for not seeing responses sooner.

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