Windows printer not printing logo


i was trying to print logo in windows printer but its not printing. i can see logo in template preview.
if i change my printer from windows to html, nothing printing and my printer just show Xps document printing but its not printing in html at all like this:
now if i change to windows printer it will give me this:

template preview give this:

Think you would need to use document or html template code to get graphical for Windows printer, default template type is geared for esc/pos and will come out plain text in windows.

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oh thanks JTR now i remember that bmp is a esc/pos command. no problem i will use html code.
but one more help plz…
m trying to show quantity on a show message for the item added to ticket by first storing it to program setting but the {QUANTITY} is not showing it. see…

Feisal, I find your lack of basic samba stuff disturbing for an ‘official reseller’

Firstly quantity isn’t going to be valid on number pad entered… what quantity do you expect it to be looking at…
Your trying to save quantity as gross weight, displaying tare weight and saying net weight is quantity which is what you set for gross weight… makes no sense to me.

If i put TICKET QUANTITY SUM than its showing up correct, if i select item only 1 item in a ticket. But if i select more than 1 item its showing up all the item quantity as a net weight and i just want the first item quantity to save in the gross weight program setting.

Scales work to give weight. I don’t understand why you are trying to reinvent the process. What is the reason for all of this? What flow is your customer wanting and why?