Windows Server Multiple Users Terminal Names

Hi All,

I have a windows server 2012r2 setup with mutiple users using terminal services.

No problems accessing database but I am trying to setup 2 terminals that have 2 cash drawers attached with epson network printers,

I have setup multiple print jobs no problem and mapped to the terminal names as needed.

My problem is that the terminal server name is not saving in the individual user accounts.

I change it on one and go reload the other and its changed over,

I read a post that in V4 you had to copy over a settings file to the user dir for each terminal or it will get the terminal name from the db as it seems to be doing but the file is not there in V5

Assume this is an issue as its on the same machine with multiple users setup rather than 2 physical machines, ,

Any help would be appretiated on this.

I have read many setup guides on setting up multiples but none seem to cover the terminal name,

I need the terminal name to then use the mapping to the correct printer and drawer.

I am making the assumption that it is possible to share the database across 2 or more terminals and they would use the same working period,

I have done single sessions easily enough and also mutiple computers but I cheated and set each local printer to teh same name so didnt have to worry about seperate print jobs, Now I have done it correctly or so I thought Its bitten me lol

It seems to use whatever terminal name was last saved in all the terminals



The terminal name is still saved in a settings file. Unless someone is changing the terminal name at each station, I see no reason why they should be changing.

Terminals are set in ‘Local Settings’:


What you need to do is on the server where you created the users for each terminal log into user 1 from the server and load sambapos then name that terminal in local settings, Shutdown Sambapos Log out of that user. Log in to user 2 and start sambapos and go to local settings and name that terminal then shutdown sambapos and logout. DO this for every terminal user you created for each terminal.

After that login to the actual rdp terminal and start sambapos it should have the terminal name set correctly.

Yes that is correct however he is using RDP services and if you do not set the terminal name for each user created to login to each session then it will not save it. This must be done while logged into the server locally and not while during an RDP session and it needs to be done for each user for each RDP terminal he plans to use.

Oof, that sounds like a pain in the tuchus. Is there a command-line switch to specify terminal?

Thanks all,

I think I may have done it now,

The terminal names seem to be holding on restart,

I did originally set them from the root on the server but maybe didnt shut down the Server terminal first,

Thanks again for the quick replies :slight_smile: