Wireless Printer Configuration

Hello everyone,

It is my first time here,
I am sure whether this query was posted already.

How do I connect this wireless printer (GOOJPRT PT 58mm Bluetooth Portable Printer) as my Kitchen Printer.
I have the CD (Drivers) but in Chinese.

I need some assistance.
My kind Regards!

You install it in windows and then it will be available in Sambapos.

let us know how u like it.
I am thinking getting a BT printer too.

Bluetooth printers can be hit and miss, I’ve tried a few some work perfectly in Windows, others keep losing connection. I noticed a lot now are designed to work well with Android or iOS but Windows support seems to be secondary.

For a wireless printer, I’d always suggest you get a wifi printer - much more reliable and easier to setup. Alternatively you can use a standard ethernet printer and a wifi extender that has an ethernet port to give you a (possibly cheaper) wireless printing solution.

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