Wireless Printer Issue

I just setup 2 wireless thermal printer. The test print is successful.

Currently named Kitchen Printer One and Kitchen Printer Two. Different IP addresses. Tested with print test, successful for both printer.

But when I entered order for Printer One, it was successful, while the order for Printer Two isn’t printing. There was no issue from Windows regarding printing not successful including the print que is successfully processes but nothing is printing.

I did another test. When I change the printer order from Printer One to Printer Two, Printer Two is printing. Then the Printer One isn’t working. LOL!

Can someone help me :S I’m sure the printers are working since it is printing when I did the print test on both printers.


Printer driver needs to be installed on each device you click print from firstly.

Also the printer needs to be mapped to the print job, so check your actions/rules and check mapping for the “print order” or whatever you call it.