With and without buttons for toppings

For me, I don’t want to list all default ingredients too. End up more mistake can be made in the kitchen. They have to read every order tags and check what is missing. Most of customers will said no only one or two ingredients. Default has much more. Save time reading and paper.

But its good for new chef tho.

@powerstrom Why don’t you just deduct the price when No and Add. So, it is more natural way. You may deduct 0.25 when No and add 0.50 for the same ingredient.

Look above I just gave a scenerio exactly as requested. It is not listing all default. You do not select default ingredients those are understood you select No +ingredient or Extra+ingredient. if you just press ingredient it will do nothing.

If customer wants to add toppings that are not default then you add them from the Add Pizza Toppings category .

This implementation is F A N T A S T I C
because with one glance you can add extra of a topping or to deduct it without trying to find it among 30 toppings

So let me share with you how I built that. It requires some specific product mapping and setting Max items… I did notice a couple bugs @emre may want to look at however. One specifically with Max Toppings setting of 0

@emre I noticed when building this last version of pizza shop setup… if you set a Max toppings to 0 for specific order tag… when you press that tag it will do nothing (expected) but if you press it a second time… it will add it anyway ignoring the Max Toppings setting. This has got to be a bug… It doesnt make sense to me any reason it would behave this way.

EDIT: Hmm Ok I understand why it is behaving this way now. @Powerstorm let me get a fix for this and I will give you tutorial.

@powerstorm I am building a quick tutorial. Hopefullly @emre will respond to the bug I noticed.

Very time consuming to do it manualy. This is what I am doing now with current crap POS i got in my shop. I add miscellaneous with text and i price it

@Powerstorm you can try order tag grouping for Breakfast screen.

Check Grouping modifiers section of that tutorial.

This is how I have done it I created 2 groups. One with prices, one without. I just missed the prefix parameter. I didnt know that time. Every day I learn something new :smile:

But Ill make it with the way @Jesse will introduce me :smile:

Ok so the only problem with the method I showed you powerstorm is you can still add the base product. I thought by setting Max Selected to 0 it would not allow that tag… but it doesnt behave this way. So I am not sure what setting it to 0 does. @emre can you explain this?

Setting of 0 would not mean unlimited because that is dictated by the setting of 0 in the group properties. So I cannot figure out any value to setting this to 0. It would be nice if it behaved as I described.

so, whatever i set to 0 goes as default topping ?

No it doesnt… but if an employee presses it… it will add it on ticket even tho max setting is 0. It should not allow adding it… but still list it so you can modify it with the prefix.

Basically if employee accidentally hits it BEFORE pressing the No or Extra button. Spinach would go on as Spinach… Setting of Max to 0 should make it so it doesn’t do anything if pressed. I am asking for clarification because this is not the behavior … but I cannot figure out a logical reason why.

I would think 0 could also mean unlimited… but unlimited is set by 0 in Group Settings… so that would not make sense.

aaah ok,

I thought that I could set up each pizza to show up with its deafult toppings as I have them on my menu and then I list again the toppings… That would be very nice set up. As I said before, I could access my default toppings without my eyes blinking among other 30 toppings.

For example

Marinara would come up with
| EXTRA | NO |
| cheese | tomato sauce | spinach | prawns | calamari | mussels

------Add toppings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
| topping 1 | topping 2 | … | topping 30 |

Explain show up with default toppings? Show up where?

As you have Default Toppings, I guess its deafult for all pizzas.

No that was only for marinara

It would show different default toppings if I chose Cheese Pizza

P E R F E C T…

Could you show me how to use it?

Yes just give me a minute. Making some dinner for family. It would be even better if I could get 0 max to work like I requested above

Thank you very much.

I make a coffee. its 4.10am here :smile:

Hi Powerstorm

I was running same as yours in my salad business.

Default Price comes with 6 Toppings. additional will be extra 0.50 /each.

I made create your own button and did order tag count if they add more than 6 than price will add up automatic :slight_smile:
you don’t have to make No or Extra Prefix just increase max Quantity number so it will so 2 x Mozz if you press Mozz 2 times on the screen
so you may do that way create you own pizza , you have to just keep pressing button what customer says and SambaPos will do the rest.

He needs it to say No. because he wants it sent to kitchen as NO for chef. Recipe is understood. If it doesnt Say no… chef adds it. If it does say no… chef leave it off. But default it doesnt list it.

Yes Kendash you are right but here what ticket will print
… what ever he press on screen

let say customer doesn’t want spinach so he will not press spinach at all and ticket will never show spinach and chef will never put it on the pizza