Work shift and cashier changeover

My cashier works for 8hrs each day and then hand over to the next cashier.over the last few days i have gone through the forum,so i know how to deal with shifts but i havent gotten satisfactory answer.I will appreciate you advice on how to deal with the issues of cashier change over and reconciliation of the sales per cashier.I am forced to end the work period twice in the day close the open tables even though the guest in those tables haven’t vacated.
I know emre has done some tutorial on how to track the cash in two tills
Tracking 2 Till Cash and Shifts
I would like to know if there is a way i can open two shifts simultaneously.

Someone has already advised against the use of pre-order tickets earlier in this forum ,he said pre order tickets are nightmare when it comes to closing the workperiod .
i will appreciate your advice,team

Closing work period twice in a day will mess up reporting for you that is not a good idea. Explain more of how your shifts work and we can recommend something. You can do just about anything with custom reports including separating shifts and tills.

Sorry kendash this have taken a while, our restaurant operates for 16hrs everyday.We have two shifts ,each lasting for 8hrs. we open at 6.00am ,and the first ends at 2.00 pm,Whenever the shifts ends we keep on ending the work period.This is proving to be a challenge since we have to generate two work period reports each day to allow smooth takeover of the cashiers.

The problem however comes with the customers who are sited and already served,we are forced to cash-out their bills prior to their request.
Is their a way we can necessitate smooth transfer of the shift without cashing out the engaged tables.can we open 2 shifts at one time so we can see what each cashier have sold.please advice

Have a good read up on custom reports.

Yes I do exactly this for each physical cash draw.

Basically you build a CLOSE SHIFT screen (Entity Screen) that simply counts cash and then creates Account Documents moving Balances of Draw Accounts to Master Accounts. Here is my screen:

The CLOSE SHIFT button creates Account Documents moving current draw balances for CASH; EFTPOS; & VOUCHERS to master Accounts for the Year.

The Work Period is only Close once for the Day by one person in the whole venue.

@RickH has some great detail on creating this type of screen.

Once the DRAW balance is reset back to NIL the 2nd shift can commence.

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Thanks alot
pauln ,in the meantime lets wait for @RickH to post the tutorials , i have been doing this the wrong way all along.

hi pauln, can you elaborate how you how you achieved that especially on closing the shift

Hey Mate
Here the properties behind the button:

Here is the rule it calls:

The bit you cannot see -

Here is the Account Document Action:
[This action is the most important accounting action in Samba IMO]


  1. So you repeat this for every Tender Type you honour.
  2. I use correction accounts - accounts to post the portion of Over/Under each day after a shift.
  3. I have not shown the PROMPT “asking are you sure to Close Shift?” but affirmation calls the RULE shown above.


Good Luck John
I choose to share to keep the product alive :slight_smile:


Thankyou pauln,let me try and will let you know in-case i have some more issues. Best regards

Hi @pauln , are you able to transfer that screen to me :slight_smile: