Working on Changes and have a question

Hello, I haven’t been on the forum for a couple of months, sorry about that. I have a question and was hoping to get some direction.
I have a registered and activated copy of SambaPOS V5 at my restaurant, I want to further discover and try to improve the efficiency of my current system of reporting and try and get more out of the system. I want to do this work while at home on my days off or in the mornings when I’m less busy, basically I want to do the changes on my laptop and then update the system in my restaurant.
Can anyone advise on how I can do this? do I install a none registered copy and work with that or do I have other options?
Thanks in advance.

Good question, backup your database and load it at home. Just use it in non registered mode it will be fine. Might have to click off the little popups but thats not a big deal. Use Settings > Database Tools > import/export feature to make changes to automation without having to mess with the database.

Thanks for your help Jesse, I will see what I can do. I 'm sure I will find previous questions on how to backup the database on the forum.
Thanks again.

Just one other question, my laptop is a mac with windows for mac installed, I guess that will not be an issue.

After you install your backup on your laptop, you might have to clear transactions.
Manage->Settings->Database Tools->Database Tasks
If you have more than 500 tickets, you will only be able to add a couple items to a new ticket, after that you will be hit with a message to register. Clearing transactions will eliminate that prompt.

I am doing what you want to do with 2 different machines (Development Machine and Production Machine). One thing I do when creating new items is prefix the name with what I’m working on. Example, if I’m working on a Custom Purchase History, I will name a rule CPH Name of Rule or an action CPH Name of Action. This will make it easier to find all the items that need to be exported.

Thanks Bob_be very good point, I think the unregistered version will only allow 500 tickets.