Working period problem when SambaPOS not closed daily


Briefly, if I go to bed without closing SambaPOS application (but logged off) and coming back the next day (log in), I can see:

  • don’t forget to close the working period (which has been closed and reopened in between)
  • If I check the Working Period Report, I’ll see the sum of 2 working periods: the last (closed) one + the current (opened) one.

Always been like that, I am on the server terminal.
Not a big deal, I close and reopen SambaPOS to have the correct figures.

Where it’s a big deal, I don’t come for 2 days and SambaPOS stays opened (needed by triggers), my triggered-automated reports are screwed: I got one report which is the sum of 2 working periods, like that:

  • day 1: one report = WP1
  • day 2: one report = WP1+WP2
  • day 3: one report = WP1+WP2+WP3
  • Close and Reopen SambaPOS
  • day 4: one report = WP4
  • day 5: one report = WP4+WP5

Funny enough, depending on the action type, it works well or not.

Data Export Action will behave like described above, not working.

Print Report Action is working well and will give me the last working period report as expected.

Both actions are triggered at night time when the last WP has already been closed and the next one is not yet opened.

Any Idea of how to solved it?



Possible use virtual work periods instead, so you only ever actually “close” a work period to update inventory, 1 a week or so

Then set your triggers to work before the time you set your virtual work period to end

Do you have start and end in same day?
This can make date filtering querky.

Staring WP at 6:00 am
Closing WP up to 4:00 am (day+1)
triggers around 5:00 am

main snag comes if you had say open 10th 6am, close 11th 4am open 11th 6am close 11th 11pm
as you have two ends in same day.

Not my case.
To be precise, ithat happens once a year, on 24th of December.

Can you show screenshots of your workperiod screen.

Here it is: