Workperiod report totals not the same

I am running the work period report however the totals are not the same.

My setup:
4 terminals 1 server
2 department 1 ticket type

Payment type:
Cash (local currency)
Credit Card

2 change type for USD and Local currency.

I am trying to run the Work Period report howerver :
1- The Grand Total and the Payment total are different

2- the user sales and settled total are different.

Do you have any service charges or something special you arent reporting in Work Period report?

No service charge, I only have foreign currency and users can select to tender change in USD or local currency.

If one invoice/ticket has 10$ worth of orders from person A and 1$ worth of orders from person B, with total of 11$.

And person A settles this ticket in full, it will say in that report that they settled 11$ which is more than their sales.

@Posflow i am wondering if this is the same issue

@Posflow, what about the 1$ change that was tendered to the customer? This should be accounted for on the report.

How can i get the Tendered change on my report like this:

Change doesnt affect reports. Meaning if you settled 50$ bill with 100$. Report will say you have 50$.

Are you using V4 or V5? V5 this issue was solved.

We are using V5, i was thinking the samething this shouldnt be an issue.

But what if we settled a bill in foreign currency USD 50$ with 100$, but the change tendered is in the local currency?

I never used foreign currency to that capacity, sorry, I cant really help you with that

@Posflow thank you for your help so far. If you dont mine me asking. How do you use or setup your foreign currency? Does it reconcile on your reports?

I dont use Foreign Currencies, I update Global Settings, just to highlight Sub-Totals, Totals, Tenders and Change in other currencies on invoices and use ticket tags to mark the exchange rates for the day on the invoices. Accountants usually deal with the rest.

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