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I use the Work Period Report in it’s original form, no amendments have been made. There is a section headed as ‘Payment Details’ which lists the payment types used on the ticket type and their percentage of the total tickets amount and that amount, along with a totals row. It also shows the tax (VAT) amount details.

Is there any way to have the Tax (VAT) details to show per payment type (either in the Work Period Report or a custom report)?

This is the current code section:

 [Payment Details:2, 1, 2]
 {REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Name,P.Amount.Percent,P.Amount.Sum:(TY=$1)}
 {REPORT CALCULATION DETAILS:C.Name,C.X,C.CalculationAmount.Sum:(TY=$1)}


Try something like this:

[Payment Details:2, 1, 2]
$2|{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum,TX.$2.Sum:(PA=$1)}
 {REPORT CALCULATION DETAILS:C.Name,C.X,C.CalculationAmount.Sum:(TY=$1)}

You can read more about reports here: 9. Reports – SambaPOS Knowledgebase

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Hi Bob

Many thanks for the quick response. (sorry for the delay - working at the weekend!)

That was perfect thanks. Strangely it seems to repeat the Tax list twice, but that does not affect anything for me.

I have browsed the reports section of the knowledge base before, but until I can give it a bit more time I’m afraid a lot of it goes over my head! I’ll give it another go!

Screenshot (2)|690x388

I was in a hurry when I whipped the one up… Try this one:

[Payment Details:2, 1, 1]
Payment/Tax Total|${REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum,T.Tax.Sum:(PA=$1)}
[Tax Totals:2, 1, 2]

I omitted the calculations section. It did not work in my previous post.

I never understand this type of question.
So you have payment type dependent tax?

Payments and tax can’t accurately be correlated given there is no direct allocation of payments against orders.


1 product for 10 at 20% tax
1 product for 5 at 10%tax

Payment is 6 cash and 9 card.
What is used for what?

Hi Bob

Thanks for the follow up. The new code has cleaned up the repeated lines. Thanks again.


Yes I did spot you query this sort of question somewhere before in one of the numerous posts I have trawled over the past few months as I attempt to master this great software! I too would not understand someone who would appear to want a tax rate that applies only to a specific payment type.

I asked this question purely to make my book keeping a little easier. As I’m sure you’re aware in the UK there has been VAT relief applied on soft drinks and food in the hospitality industry (12.5% as opposed the standard 20%). Therefore I have the products in those categories on our setup, mapped to a 12.5% tax templates. Our work periods end at close of business each day and I enter the days takings into our accounts software. The accounts software works in the standard ‘double entry’ format just like SambaPOS does where each debit has a related credit and vice versa, so the cash receipts of the days takings, credit an Income:Sales Receipts ledger and debit a Cash Account ledger and the Card Payment receipts credit the Income:Sales Receipts ledger and debit a Bank Account ledger. An entry in the ledger only allows for one tax type and entering a tax amount, that when correlated to the net and the gross, if it does not match a defined tax percentage, it will not allow you to complete the entry (which is what adding 12.5 and 20% tax values would do) So consequently for each days takings I have 4 entries - cash 20%, cash 12.5%, card 20% and card 12.5%. So having the different tax totals for each payment type is a helpful starter.

So for example, from my screenshot, if I made an entry for the cash ledger and entered 225.75 for the gross and 36.79 for the tax the software would update the net to 188.96 but would not submit because the tax would not calculate out to the defined rates of 12.5 or 20%.

Hope that clarifies why I asked.

PS did you know some of you vids have disappeared from your tutorials? I’m just recently been wading through the loyalty setup one as I might look to try something like this in the future. Its nice to have some video’s to go with the text thanks.

I’ll have a look, they were on a different YouTube account to normal and don’t check it that often

So your in UK?
I dont handle that side of the accounting but our accountant didn’t ask for that breakdown.
Our products are coded (grouped) into groups that can be split easily to match the different vat rates curently.
Maybe they use different accounts software. I use quick books myself but am not vat registered for my own business so not had to deal with it personally but still don’t see why the accounts software would need vat defined as part of the payments side.
As you say samba is similar double entry. But doesn’t link payments to tax.
Sale value is split between net sales and tax account and that balances against the total payments.
Must be missing something I guess.

The main issue with the hotels is mixed vat within group codes since charges raise pre Sept 30th in advance are still applicable for 5% so the last few days have been nightmare but noting to do with payments, in that accom and food doesn’t equal 12.5% on net due to room and package charges for rooms that arrived before 1st have parts of their bill still in 5% :upside_down_face: