Wrong Database/Samba Version

I think I broke it…

I tried to update my server from version 5.2.22 to 5.5.6 and when I opened Samba I was stuck on the loading screen for about 45 minutes before I manually shut it down… Tried starting it again and still it just hangs on the loading screen… Tried going back to 5.2.22 and restored the backup I created before causing this disaster and now I get this when I try to login…

Terminals still work fine and were never touched. They’re still on 5.2.22 and DB 153

Can anyone tell me why my server is still trying to load what I figure would be the database that was updated when i updated Samba?

Also, is it possible that trying to update from 5.2.22 to 5.5.6 is too big of a jump or maybe something to do with my OS being 8.1?

Thanks in advance to any and all willing to help this old fool!

Please update your .net to 4.8

I managed to get 5.2.22 working again by adding all the connection string info to the SambaSettings file as mentioned in this thread…

@Jesse is 5.5.6 not working because I need .net 4.8? Sorry, just don’t want another day like today!

You are using a very old unsupported version of windows and an updated version of a windows program that takes advantage of newer features with .net You should try updating .net first.

It could be your windows version but it’s hard to know for sure. Maybe just .net update will be enough. Maybe it was something else. Did you have any log files of errors?

5.5.6 works with windows versions supported by Microsoft. I can’t promise it will work with unsupported older versions.

It could be something else. But I don’t know for sure since I’m not at that pc.

Example maybe your using a really old sql server version and it had trouble updating the database. I don’t know.