Wrong Grand Total In Report

Hello Guy ! My Name Is Nak I would Like To Asking you guy about the report Payment that Grand total payment is Different With Total ?
Please Kindly Help Me solved this problem!
Thanks You !

Screen Shot

Just checking, are you using and applying taxes? is discount before or after?

That 18 cents difference looks like a 15% of $1.20 discount.

Do you access the database? if yes, run this little code to check which tickets are getting variance in payments (your database name may be different to [SambaPos5] which I’m using):

select *
from [SambaPos5].[dbo].[Tickets] t, [SambaPos5].[dbo].[Payments] p
where t.Id = p.TicketId
and t.TotalAmount <> p.Amount

Giving the small sales amount showing, I’m confident that the code will not stress your server.